Horizontal flow pack machine price

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Recently, while orange juice prices rising, concentrated fruit juice products, prices have also been pulled, cut apple juice and orange juice will be the main beneficiaries of price increases, which concentrated on the domestic juice companies is certainly a good news, expert analysis of this phenomenon Filling Equipment Company is beneficial.

United States is the world's leading exporter of orange juice, a large area of snow due to the recent U.S. led the local oranges cut, so as to promote its prices. And has been compared to apple juice runs low, orange juice and apple juice spreads widened to 1,000 U.S. dollars / ton. Since October 2009 since the price of frozen orange juice that has risen nearly 50%, and there continued to move possible.

At present, concentrated fruit juice the first half of the export price and the lowest point in 2009 has risen to 850 compared to U.S. dollars / tons, but high prices and 2008 compared to the state is still in the running low. China's future consumption of apple juice will explode. Industry in general to judge, affected by market demand, future prices of apple juice is expected to climb on the 1000 U.S. dollars / ton mark, and has reached 1200 U.S. dollars / ton trend. Concentrated fruit juice price rise pushed up the related industry - filling machine equipment development. Predictable, fruit juice filling machine equipment companies price rise is expected to benefit.

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