How to maintain the packing machine

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How to maintain granular particles packing machine packaging machine maintenance and repair is essential for prolonged use.

1, the particles of the box part of the packaging machine equipped with a fuel gauge, fuel to drive all the time before, the middle of the bearing temperature rise according to operating conditions and to add it.

2, the worm gear box must be long-term storage of oil, the oil level as the worm invaded all of the oil, such as frequently used, the oil must be renewed every once in March, provincial judge at the bottom of the oil plug, put the oil can be used.

3, when the grain filling packaging machine, not the cup of the oil spill outside, not to flow around the machine and the ground. Because the oil tends to material pollution, affect product quality.

4, regular check parts, once a month, check the worm, the worm, lubrication block bolts, bearings and other moving parts are rotating flexible and wear, that defects should be repaired in time, not reluctant to use.

5, particle packing machine should be placed on the interior dry and clean, and is not contained in the atmosphere, acids and other corrosive gases on the body circulation of places to use.

6, grain packaging machines after use, or stop, should be removed for cleaning rotating drum bucket and brush remaining powder will clear, and properly installed, well prepared for the next use.

7, when the cylinder before and after work, ran in, please adjust the front bearing on the M10 screw Death to the appropriate location. Occur if the gear shaft ran behind the M10, please adjust the bearing frame screws to the proper position, adjust the clearance to bearing noise does not occur, hand transfer belt, elastic proper appropriate, are too tight or too loose can damage the machine could occur.

8, such as the disabled a long time, the body must wipe the machine clean, smooth painted parts of the anti-rust oil, bottle cover with a cloth well.

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