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Application of Intelligent Servo Technology on Multi-axis Servo Pillow Packaging Machine

  • 2020-11-12
Pillow packaging machine is a widely used packaging machine, widely used in food packaging machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, daily necessities packaging machinery and many other fields. Most of the foods we see in daily life are packaged by pillow packaging machines. With the rapid development of the machinery manufacturing industry and the improvement of people's living standards, it has brought good development opportunities for the pillow packaging machine industry. At the same time, it has also put forward higher requirements for the quality and production efficiency of the pillow packaging machine.

Pillow packaging machine

Intelligent servo technology is an emerging mechatronics technology in recent years. It is formed on the basis of traditional servo drive technology, which combines motion control technology, DSP technology, PLC technology, field bus technology and other modern control technologies. Intelligent servo products have the characteristics of intelligence, networking, modularization, and digitization, which are the direction of future servo technology development.

The horizontal three-sided sealing process of the traditional three-axis pillow packaging machine requires that the feeding axis, the film feeding axis and the transverse sealing (transverse) axis move in a cam relationship. The film feeding axis and the transverse sealing axis (transverse) The cutting axis) maintains strict synchronization. The traditional technology adopts mechanical cams to realize the complex machining and installation, the operation noise is large, the adaptability to the packaging is poor, and the packaging speed is correspondingly limited.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry and the increasing labor costs in my country, pillow packaging machinery manufacturers require the use of newer technologies to improve the automation level of equipment, increase production efficiency, reduce equipment costs, and achieve increased market competition for pillow packaging machines. The purpose of force.
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