How to maintain and maintain the disposable mask packaging machine equipment?

  • 2020-11-12
The emergence of disposable mask packaging machine equipment has brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, but in the process of using it should pay attention to protection and maintenance, how to maintain and maintain? The details are as follows:

Mask packaging machine

There are four types of maintenance: routine maintenance, regular maintenance, seasonal maintenance, and idle maintenance.

Routine maintenance: Mainly focus on the cleaning, lubrication, inspection and fastening of the machine. Routine protection should be carried out as required during and after the work of the packaging machine.

1. Maintenance work is carried out on the basis of routine protection. The main points of work are lubrication, tightening, and inspection of all relevant parts and their cleaning.

2. The main points of maintenance work are to check and adjust. For details, check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering and brake components.

3. The main points of maintenance are to detect, adjust, remove hidden troubles and balance the degree of wear and tear of various components. It is necessary to check the parts that affect the performance of the machine and the faulty parts, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, and fault removal.

Seasonal maintenance: It means that the packaging machinery should check and correct the components such as the fuel oil device, hydraulic device, cooling device and starting device every year before summer and winter.

Idle maintenance: that is, when packaging machinery needs to be out of service for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter holidays), etc., cleaning, plastic surgery, matching, and anti-corrosion should be done.

Equipment maintenance of disposable mask packaging machine:

(1) Clean the dust in the electric control box on time, semi-automatic packer to prevent bad contact and other problems.

(2) The scattered materials on the material tray should be cleaned up in time to keep the machine parts clean.

(3) The photoelectric tracking light head, that is, the electric eye, should also be cleaned on time to ensure small errors in cursor tracking.

(4) The body of the heat sealer should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the lines of the seal are clear.
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